As the world turns

I remember as young child my mother used to watch the soap opera “As the World Turns”.  While carefully ironing and folding the family laundry, she tuned in to watched the dirty laundry of others unfold. She was captivated by the drama and chaos, while knowing that she was safe and secure in her own home.

After years of watching her show Mom began relating to the characters as more that just actors. The lines between fantasy and reality were blurred during the one hour show. As the plot thickened, so too did her attachment to the outcome.

It is not unlike the events surrounding us today. We tune into the news and watch the drama and chaos taking place in the world outside. However, this is not a soap opera and many are left wondering how safe and secure they really are.

“Use caution when allowing negative words and ideas from others into your home through media or literature. This negativity will lower the vibration and cripple the spirit through fear.”- The White Angels

Perhaps the answer is in observing without attachment. Distinguishing between what is being reported by the media and what is actually happening in our individual lives is something to consider. Remaining centered and calm amidst the storm, even when outside circumstances are chaotic insures inner peace in time of outer turmoil.

As Paramahansa Yogananda wrote, when you can “stand unshaken midst the crash of breaking worlds,” then nothing can touch you where you live, and nothing of value can be taken from you.

I follow the artist Amber Eldredge on instagram @thecoloramber. She posted a beautiful drawing depicting this very concept. (Her artwork is featured in this blog.)  In the description of the drawing she said,

“This is what our world feels like right now, in a lot of ways.We are all just doing our best to build our shelters up against the storms above & coming, even if they aren’t perfect ones. We are holding up the walls of hope & beams of faith together, and because of that, beauty is growing and light is shining within. 

Your home is a sanctuary where you feel safe, secure and protected from the outside world. It is where you invite the light to shine. Home is where the heart is, a bit of heaven on earth. Your sense of peace and well-being at home will have a direct effect on how you feel about your outer world.

“Heaven is here and now. Do not wait for Heaven, but create for yourself a heaven on earth…Fill your home with objects of high vibrations. Invite the angels in as guests in your home.

Surround yourself with beauty and wisdom and create a peaceful atmosphere in which to live.  Ask God to bless your home with love and light.” – The White Angels

While we “Shelter in Place” at home right now, it is a good time to ask the angels to help us create a supportive and positive atmosphere.  Let harmony and peace be the dominant vibration in your home. Do not let the drama of the outside world become your soap opera. Dorthy had it right when she said “There’s no place like home”!


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