Keeping it simple

Socrates once said, “The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.”

It has been three months since the Covid-19 lockdown. During this time warp I have asked myself what have I learned from this experience. How has it changed my life?

Prior to Covid I was conditioned to fill my days with activity. I was always on the go and eternally busy. “No rest for the weary”, “Early bird gets the worm” and “Seize the day” were phrases I was all too familiar with.

During the lockdown I had to train myself to slow down. It was a total detox. I hiked, practised yoga and read books, however to my dismay I still had 12 hours left in my day to fill. UGG!

What happened next was incredible. I began sitting for long periods of time outside staring at the backyard. I watched the butterflies and birds, and yes, I watched grass grow. I found myself dozing off in the middle of the day and not feeling a bit guilty for it.

Somedays I laid on the grass staring up into the chemtrail free sky and watched puffy white clouds float by. It was Déjà vu. I was a kid again. I began longing for the days in my youth when food wasn’t fast and phones were not smart. Life didn’t evolve around social media and text messaging. Life was simple and uncomplicated.

“Stop trying to do it all.  Do less. Prune away even good activities and do only that which matters most. Never confuse activity with productivity.  You can be busy without a purpose, but what is the point?” Rick Warren

Forced to prune my activities because of the Covid lockdown I now have a new appreciation for downtime. The gift this experience has given me is TIME and lots of it.  I am committed to do less and nap more. I am committed to staring aimlessly at the sky and daydream once again.

“Live simply, expect little, give much. Scatter sunshine, forget self, think of others.” Norman Vincent Peale


7 thoughts on “Keeping it simple”

  • Great work Ani! The test for humanity will be staying in this healing space of appreciation! I’m all in and will join in appreciating clouds, nature and a slower pace ❤

  • chris evans says:

    Oh Ani how I resonate with you! I have enormous peace with each moment of each day. I don’t worry because I know I don’t need to. I sleep when I feel I need to, I clean when I feel like it and I enjoy life!!

    What a blessing!!

    I could go on and on but that would require too much time and my time these days is easy!!

    Love you!


  • Jean M Kolb says:

    As you probably know Roomie, this really hit home for me. I will take your words of wisdom and try to apply them the best I can, making room for quiet, calming my mind (which you know is almost always in overdrive) and giving thanks for all the gifts in my life. That my dear, includes you! 🙂

    • Ania Hanke says:

      Ani, thank you for keeping us grounded. Never read anything so uplifting and meaningful in the last 5 months.

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