Angel Intuitive Sessions

Are there areas of your life that don’t seem to be working? Do you long to find your life purpose, the perfect career or your soul mate? Are you blocking happiness and success without even knowing it? We live in a benevolent Universe full of love and light. Angels are God’s gift to us so that we may live an abundant and joyful life. Is it time to turn your life around and live the happy, successful life you were born to live? Then it is time to talk to your Angels.

1 hour Angel Intuitive Session – $100

Is there a driving question in your life you would like answered? The angels will answer your questions in this one hour session regarding career, life purpose, love, money, abundance, health and happiness. Perhaps you do not have a specific question but would like to know what message the angels have for you? No question is necessary as the angels will give you a message that comes from love and light to serve your greatest and highest good. It is all possible in this session.

Guardian Angel Session – $125

Your guardian angel is always with you. They are a gift from God to guard and guide you. In this session, I connect you with your guardian angel. You will learn their name and hear their message. Each message is channeled to serve your greatest and highest good. This session is the beginning of a beautiful relationship that you will treasure for the rest of your life. I am merely the liaison between you and your guardian angel. Once I make the introduction, it is up to you to begin the conversation. You will find that your guardian angel is your best friend.

Monthly Angel Session (1/2 hour) – $60

What does the month ahead look like? Is it time to ask for a raise? Maybe love is on the horizon. How can you better prepare for the obstacles or opportunities that await you? Monthly readings are a valuable tool from your angels giving you guidance for your future.

Yearly Forecast – $125

The forecast brings powerful insight and guidance for the coming year. In this session, you will be guided month to month preparing you for upcoming challenges and opportunities. These sessions are intense and full of information that will help you make the right choices in your career, relationships, money, health and overall happiness.

*Ani is an angel intuitive and channel. She is not a medium and does not channel those
who have crossed over.

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