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“Angels are divine beings created to help humankind and the universe. Our primary responsibility is to lead humankind to the light and assist with their expansion.” — The White Angels

Angels were put on Earth to assist humankind. When we pray, they hear us. When we are in need, they guide and protect us. All her life, Ani has had experiences with angels. It wasn’t until she became a Reiki Master that her ability to communicate with Angels became her life purpose and passion. Since then, Ani has helped hundreds of people connect with their angels and change their lives for the better. Ani channels a group of benevolent beings that refer to themselves as The Great Eloheim Beings. Seeing them as white light she calls them The White Angels.

From Stilettos To Wings

From Stilettos to Wings is an account of Ani’s journey from living an ordinary life to one guided and directed by angels. Ani was guided to write this book when she began channeling a group of angels that refer to themselves as “The Great Eloheim Beings.” Ani calls them the “White Angels,” as that is how they appear to her. “I guess it is fair to say that they were my inspiration and my coauthors.” The motivation behind this book was merely the desire to illustrate that even the most mundane life can be a miraculous one.

“It is my wish that you will be enlightened by the words of the White Angels and understand that we all have access to these Divine Eloheim Beings of Light”. – Ani