Get To Know Ani

Ani believes that life is full of wonder and magic. She has witnessed transformation in her own life and in the lives of her clients through the help and guidance of the angels. She feels blessed to be able to help others connect with their angels and believes each one of us has the ability to communicate with our guardian angels for advice and direction.

Meeting her guardian angel was the defining moment in Ani’s life. Because of this encounter, she now has a personal connection with her guardian angel Johannson. He is always with Ani, guiding and guarding her. Ani is not unique in this situation as all of us have a guardian angel that lovingly protects and cares for our greatest and highest good. They are ever near and ever dear, our most cherished friend.

Ani channels a collective group of benevolent beings called the Great Eloheim Beings. She refers to them as The White Angels as that is how they appear to her, brilliant sparks of white light and energy. After months of channelings with The White Angels, Ani was instructed to share their messages in a book. In her book, From Stilettos to Wings, Ani shares these divine messages so that all may benefit from the guidance and counsel of the Great Eloheim Beings, The White Angels.

As a Reiki Master and Educator, Ani knows the importance of keeping a high vibration. This is one of the key messages from The White Angels, “By raising your vibration you are able to receive all good things from the universe.” Ani’s greatest desire is to help others learn how to raise their vibration and live a healthier, happier and more balanced life. Through the guidance and direction of God and the angels, Ani has created the life that she is now living, a life she calls her miracle.