Create Heaven Now

We Create Our Reality

I have been giving much thought to the world around me lately. It doesn’t seem to match up to the world I hear about from others. I don’t read the newspaper or watch the news (something I gave up many years ago). Some might accuse me of living in a bubble, and I say amen to that.

You see, the reality is that we create our own reality.  God has given us the power to create through our thoughts and words. How often do we think of the negative instead of the positive, or say things we  really don’t mean?Heaven Is Here Now

We can use our words to create the future world we want to live in. When we echo the drama of others, it keeps the drama alive. Start telling the story of your life the way you want it to be, not the way it currently is. Do the same for the world you want to live in. Focus on what is right with the world, not what is wrong with it.

The White Angels tell us to create a “heaven on earth” and then live joyously in that place.

“Heaven is here and now.  Do not wait for heaven, but create for yourself a heaven on earth.  Live your life as if you are in heaven communing with the angels and celestial beings…Look beyond the delusion the world presents and see the beauty and the divine in all things.” The White Angels

The Universal is Benevolent

I love the surreal art of Rafal Olbinski and Vladimier Kush. They take every day reality and turn it into a world of fantasy. Just like these artists we can dream our reality into existence thorough our thoughts and words. Using our God given will, we can then take action and bring our dream to fruition.

There is no end to what we can create. The universe flows with abundant love, money, health and happiness. Remember you are a part of that universe and worthy of it all. Believe it to be true.