10 steps to raise your vibration

I channel a group of angels that I refer to as The White Angels. The White Angels share that the most important lesson they can teach is how to help us raise our vibration. They refer to our vibration as a priceless jewel to be guarded and protected.

“By raising your vibration, you are able to receive all good things from the universe.  Higher vibrations lead to living a longer, happier, more satisfying life.” The White Angels.

10 ways to raise your vibration
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The following is a list from The White Angels on how to raise your vibration.

  1. Reciting the name of God. There is nothing that can raise the vibration more quickly.
  2. Unconditional love. For yourself and others.
  3. Practice meditation and prayer. One must quiet the mind to hear God, then pray from your heart in that silence.
  4. Think loving thoughts. Control your thoughts and yo control your destiny.
  5. Sing songs that uplift one’s soul. Chant the universal sound of OM.
  6. Serve others. When you sere others, you serve God.
  7. Spend time in nature. Nature detoxifies and cleanses the spirit.
  8. Exercise regularly. Bringing chi (the vita life force energy of the universe, present within every living thing) to the body through movement.
  9. Drink water. Water is the ultimate purifier.
  10. Eat high-vibrational foods. Oranges have the highest vibration of all foods.

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