Top 10 Ways Angels communicate with us

How do angels communicate with us? 

Angels are constantly trying to get our attention arranging opportunities and events for us as answers to our prayers. They use signs and synchronicities to communicate because of the vibrational variance between us. Angels work on our behalf through people, places and things. How many times have you thought about someone and they called or text you in that moment?

Nothing is random in the universe and this includes those moments in your life when you just can’t believe your good luck. The infamous psychiatrist, Carl Jung called synchronicities “meaningful coincidences.” In his book Messages from Water and the Universe, Dr. Masaru Emoto called synchronicities “God’s kind arrangement.”

Nothing is random in the universe

The White Angels share the following message on communication with angels.

“Signs from above come in numerous ways.  Heaven communicates to each one in the way they are best able to receive the message.  This varies with each individual depending on their vibration and openness to receive.  Angels communicate through sequences of numbers, feathers, and messages in books and other publications.  Messages can be received through lyrics in songs or from other individuals sent from the angels.  Events that seem coincidental are arranged on your behalf by the angels.  Serendipitous events line up so you can meet a soulmate, change your career or find the perfect home.” The White Angels 

Angels communicate through sequences of numbers, feathers…

Angels were with my on my recent trip this summer to Croatia. I had numerous coincidences that only they could have arranged. One that I would like to share was on a small, pristine island near Dubrovnik called Lokrum. Lokrum had once been home to Benedictine Monks that built a beautiful abbey and monastery in 1023. Now its only inhabitants are bunnies and peacocks that roam freely and abundantly as there are no predators on the island.

I set off to explore the island and the remnants of the monastery that stands as a reminder of the islands rich history. I meandered through paths lined with Mediterranean flora into the woods filled with cypress and black pines. I came upon a rocky crag and decided to sit on a large bolder and meditate. With the open Adriatic Sea as my background,  I closed my eyes and listen to the sound of the waves as they crashed upon the rocks beneath me.

Deep in meditation I could feel my angels around me. After about 20 minutes of inner silence I asked the angels to please give me a sign that they were near. I took one last deep inhalation, breathing in the fresh air and stood to leave. As I walked around the bolder I noticed a white heart shaped rock with a peacock feather lying beside it. I knew they were not been there before I began my meditation. I was filled with joy and gratitude. I picked up my angelic gifts and brought them safely home with me.

Top 10 ways angels communicate with us.

  1. Number Sequences
  2. Dreams
  3. Synchronicities
  4. Messages in songs and books
  5. Intuition and thoughts
  6. Feathers
  7. Ringing in the ears
  8. Messages from others
  9. Coins
  10. Goose bumps(Angel bumps)

Read more messages from the white angels in my book “From Stilettos to Wings” 

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  • Kathleen Kastner says:

    Thank you Omkari for your insightful tips! I want to communicate with my angels more often.

  • Thank you for reminding me to pay more attention to big and little signs on my path, , signs of Angels trying to communicate with me and every one of us.
    I , personally, need to slow down.. big time, look around with attention and simply listen.
    Ania Hanke

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