The Light Within

The Light Within

Have you ever been around someone that just lights up a room? They illuminate a conversation and people are energetically drawn to them like a magnet.  They have reached higher levels of self awareness and elude a confidence that is without ego. They are a bright light.

You are all beautiful souls that are here to express your individuality. Each one of us is filled with divine light that burns brighter than the noon day sun. Unfortunately, some have forgotten their true identity and the light within is merely a flicker. Like a precious diamond that is covered by mud, these souls cover their light with negative thoughts and emotions.

“Each of you are a spark of light from Source.  Each spark is as individual as a snowflake. The soul is born of God and eventually returns to God. Each soul spark is born into a physical body, but the veil of knowledge masks your true identity causing you to forget you are a spark of God, a powerful co-creator with the Divine.” -The White Angels

Become a beacon of light to others

How do you nourish your inner light and in turn become a beacon of light to others? The spiritual teacher and energy healer, Deborah King shares the following message, “When you have experienced the light of the divine, even momentarily through meditation, you can begin to cultivate that divine light inside you. Then you begin to express it through your thoughts and actions, it creates a ripple effect of love in the world.”

Remembering who you are is the first step in igniting the fire within.  Connecting with God through meditation and prayer is the second step. Committing to raising our frequency and vibration through right thoughts and actions is the third step.

Wake up and raise vibration

In his new album Raise Vibration, singer-songwriter Lenny Kravitz writes the following lyrics;

Just like Jesus

As he teach us, do it like the Lord

Just how Martin got it startin’

And without a sword

Just as Gandhi went to war

And never used the gun

We can join together 

And through love we’ll get it done

We’ve got to raise vibration, Wake up and raise vibration.

Jesus once said, “Let your light shine before others”. When we shine our light out to the world it has a ripple effect. By raising our own vibration we are helping to raise the vibration of those around us and the entire planet. It is time to shine!

“You may be the change and light needed by others, to shine on their path.” Sunday Adelaja

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