Not My Lesson

Not My Lesson

Lately the angels have been teaching me a very important lesson. Whenever I am tempted to get involved with someone’s drama, or take on their problems, they simply remind me , “Ani it is not your lesson”.

We each have our own struggles and difficulties to overcome in this lifetime. Our souls agree to undertake these challenges as a learning and growing experience during our life. Prior to our incarnation, we contract with loved ones, friends and even strangers to help teach us how to love and forgive one another.  However, we must decipher when it is and isn’t our lesson to learn.

The White Angels share the following:

“The soul’s journey is a difficult one filled with many lessons.  Each lesson is determined by the soul so that it might reach its full potential and once again return to God. The most important lesson for every soul is that of forgiveness and unconditional love. 

It is true that the lessons you do not learn in this life will be taught again in the next lifetime.  This is the result of a just and benevolent Universe to teach in such a kind and loving way.” The White Angels 

Let Go and Trust

Reflect on your most difficult relationships and what you have learned from them. Perhaps you have not yet learned the lesson, but are still caught up in the blame game. If you feel victimized, angry or resentful, then you know you still have some work to do. Learning to forgive others and love unconditionally is not easy, but the Ascended Masters have shown that it is possible.

When you become involved in the drama of another individuals life, you prevent them from learning their lesson.  You do not need to respond to another’s emotions, instead  look deeper and find the belief that created the emotion. As a parent I want to resolve any problems my children encounter. I want to make it easier for them so they don’t have to learn their lessons the hard way.  Yet, there are times when the hard way is the only way we learn. I am gently reminded that it is not my lesson (karma) and to let go.

You are Not Alone

Our responsibility is to use our discretion to determine whether the lesson is indeed ours. If the answer is yes, then how can we see it through the eyes of compassion and forgiveness. If the answer is no, then we must walk away and trust that others will learn their lessons in their own time. The greatest way we can help another is to pray on their behalf. Surround them with love and light and pray that all is for their greatest and highest evolution.

You are not alone in your struggles. You are supported by the light. Your guardian angels holds the blueprint to your life purpose and when times are difficult take comfort in their presence. They are here to illuminate your path.



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