New Moon in Aquarius-February 15th, 2018

New Moon in Aquarius 1:05pm/PST
The new moon is a time to set new intentions and goals for the new cycle ( 4 weeks). The solar eclipse magnifies the intensity of manifesting these changes to improve your life. This powerful combination of the new moon/solar eclipse event on February 15th, will create new opportunities and ideas along with new ways in which to manifest them (for the next 6 months).  

Global causes for women

This new moon is in the sun sign of Aquarius, the cosmic humanitarian. An air sign, the water bearer provides truth from their intuitive perception. Aquarians are forward thinking and ahead of their time. With this influence you will find new ways to utilize technology to help you live a more productive and happier life.

This new moon will also shine a light on global causes particularly around women’s issues. Health, marriage, and sexual abuse are just some of the topics that will come forward for further discussion and insight (it began after the last solar eclipse in August 2017).

This theme will continue throughout the year as 2018 is a # 2 year with emphasis on the feminine. It is a time for freedom and choice and the independent, free spirited Aquarius gives us energy to forge ahead making positive changes in our lives. Anything and everything is possible.

New Moon Manifestation

Write a list of those things that you want to manifest for the next 6 months. Think big! There are no limitations here. Read your list to the universe and the repeat the following,

Dear Universe,

Please shine your light on these intentions. I release them now to God and the angels under this beautiful new moon energy. May these intentions manifest only for my greatest and highest good.

And so it is. Om, Peace, Amen