Finding Joy in Chaos

I recently came across an instagram post that said I asked the universe to keep all the low frequency people away from me, now I am in a dark room with incense, sage and crystals talking to myself! @lawofattraction

I knew this message was directed to me!  You see, the past five years I have spent much of my time in my meditation room. I was content in that vibration and felt little need to immerse myself in the world around me apart from my work with OmKari Angel and Positivichi.

This quiet and peaceful lifestyle changed drastically a few months ago when I was compelled to take a part-time job working for a major airline. I found myself in an atmosphere that was very foreign to me. Immersed in constant and relentless energy, I was depleated at the end of the day feeling very disconnected from Source.

Retreating to my meditation room where I found solitude from the chaos,  I asked God and the angels why I was putting myself through this experience. The message was very clear…It is very easy to find joy in the vibration of peace and tranquility. The true test is in finding joy amid the chaos.

“You came to this earth to experience joy.  Joy is the very essence of Source.  Joy is found in service to others.  It is found in the process of creation and expansion.  To be joyful is to be in alignment with God, Source, and the universal consciousness.” -The White Angels 

It has been delightful teaching angelic messages to others and an easy way to stay in the vibration of peace, love and light. However, finding peace and joy while working at the airport during the holiday rush is another story.  Could I really see God in each individual even if that individual was yelling at me? This was my true test.

How do we stay focused on God… “In the world, not of the world”?  This is a brilliant time year when the Christ Consciousness energy surrounds us. Yet, it can also be a busy, phrenic time when we loose track of what we are actually celebrating.

Take some time this holiday season to reflect on your relationship with God. Turn your attention to Jesus and immerse yourself in the cosmic Christ vibration. It is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Find joy in the chaos, find God in your brothers and sisters and most of all, find God within.

For more messages from The White Angels read Ani’s book: From Stilettos to Wings


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  • Hello Ani: I found this message from you compelling. I guess because I have never really learned to quiet my mind to benefit from meditation. Yet, I find that I find joy all around me — while often getting frustrated in chaotic situations — I find I thrive in chaos. Not that I live in chaos, but it forces me to grow in ways that have helped me become who I am today.

    Interesting I have always worked at the national level. I have never really connected with my own community, which is small but very affluent. I have now connected as a local reporter for our online news feed. I have truly found joy – discovering what a special place we have lived in for the past 35 years. Amazing why one discovers when you step off a pedestal or you are forced to step off that pedestal what joy you can find. Thanks for doing this article. Your goddess mate; Vicki

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