Spiritual Spring Cleaning

Spring is in the air and with it comes fresh starts and new beginnings. You can actually feel the shift take place on the first day of spring, the Vernal Equinox. Suddenly we have more energy, a new outlook on life. Some of us begin the ritual of spring cleaning, going through our closets and drawers and getting rid of unloved items.

I am reminded of the episode on the Gilmore Girls when Emily Gilmore decides to get rid of everything that no longer brings her joy. Standing in her living room with piles of beautiful clothing stacking up she turns to her daughter Lorelai and says ” If it brings you joy you keep it, and if it doesn’t it goes out.”

How many of our belongings truly make us happy? Maybe it is time to channel our inner Emily Gilmore and keep only those things that really bring us joy. And it doesn’t just apply to material things. How many jobs or relationships have you held onto for too long?

When we throw out or better yet, donate items that no longer make our heart sing, we create space in our home. The same holds true when we tackle internal house cleaning. By letting go of any grudges, old beliefs and unprocessed negative emotions, we create space for more goodness in our lives.

The ultimate tool for our inner spring cleaning is forgiveness. Forgiveness is the disinfectant for the soul leaving it cleansed and purified. The angels are here to help us release and let go of these negative feelings and emotions.

“Holding onto negative feelings for others creates havoc in one’s life.  These feelings cause disease in the body and unhappiness.  Let go and free your heart from the burden of negative emotions. Ask God and the angels for help in all matters.  Everything is possible with love; it is the universal healer. Clear your heart and mind from negativity as you would clear your home from debris. Throw out all that does not serve you and burn it in the fire of love.” The White Angels.

So maybe it is time to ask yourself this question in all areas of your life,  “Does it bring me joy?”  If the answer is no, maybe it is time to do some spring cleaning.