Car*pe di*em

What if you were told you had one year to live. What is the first thing that would come to your mind? Would you have a bucket list of desires yet to accomplish? Perhaps you would spend more time with your family or travel to distant places you have only dreamed of. You probably would not stay in a job that made you unhappy or maybe even a relationship.

With the thought of only one more precious year to live, you might be motivated to simplify your life or take a risk. What would you have to lose?

Now let me ask another question. What if you were told that you had many years to live, but this was your last life on the karmic wheel, your last incarnation? In other words, you were now done with this school called earth and ready to move on to a realm where there is no sickness, debt, unhappiness, suffering, and no pain. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

What would you miss? Would you miss dancing, or holding your baby in your arms? Would you miss the sound of rain, or the waves as they crash against the sand? How about the taste of pizza and chocolate cake, or the smell of roses and fresh baked bread?

The White Angels share that,“Your life is the total accumulation of every thought you think, so choose wisely.” In essence, we create our destiny one thought at a time. Our exterior world is a reflection of our interior world.

In his book Thinking and Destiny, Harold Waldwin Percival states, “This law of thought is destiny… it means essentially, that thinking is the basic factor in shaping human destiny.” Simply put, you are what you think.

If we think from our heart, guided by our higher self and following our intuition, our thoughts will manifest from the light. By law of attraction, our lives will be a reflection of that light.

“Your higher self is the fullness of you. With the knowledge and wisdom of the higher self to guide your physical experience, your true identity emerges. Your reason for being is made clear and your divine nature revealed. Intuition is the whisper from your higher self. Follow your intuition, your inner guidance system. It is the lighthouse on the stormy sea of life. Doubt not your inner guidance for it is the truest compass you possess. Ask then listen… listen then trust.”—The White Angel

Are you currently living life to its fullest, or is it less than you had hoped for? Have you realized your dreams, or are you taking for granted this magnificent opportunity to create the life you were born to live?

The Roman poet Horace once termed the phrase “Carpe diem”, literally meaning to  “Pluck the day” or “Seize the day”.  It is used to urge someone to make the most of the present time and give little thought to the future, in other words, enjoy your life while you have the chance.

Helen Keller said it best, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” Carpe Diem!




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