Angel of the Month-Archangel Gabriel

That angel of the month of January is beautiful Archangel Gabriel, commonly known as the messenger angel. Gabriel means “God is my strength” or “hero of God.”

Archangel Gabriel is referenced in the New Testament: “And the Angel answering said unto him, I am Gabriel, that stand in the presence of God; and am sent to speak unto thee, and to shew thee these glad tidings” (Luke 1:19).

Some refer to Gabriel as a male, and yet others have seen her as a female. When I see Archangel Gabriel, I see a non-gender angel with equal female and male energy, though I will refer to her as she. The Persian poet Ruzbihan Baqli wrote, “I saw Gabriel, like a maiden, or like the moon amongst the stars. His hair was like a woman’s, falling in long tresses… He is the most beautiful of angels…”

Archangel Gabriel works with artists, musicians, writers, actors, and anyone with a life purpose that involves communication. It was Archangel Gabriel that came to me with the message that I needed to write a book and now guides my writing. I have a small statue of Gabriel on my desk, and I invoke her each time I sit down to write. She lovingly presented a golden pen to me one night while I was writing. She explained that the pen symbolizes “writing golden words from the light.”

Call upon Archangel Gabriel if you are writing a book, have a spiritual message to deliver to the world, or need help with a creative project. Invoke her help if you are beginning a career in the arts or communication.