New Moon in Aquarius-February 15th, 2018

New Moon in Aquarius 1:05pm/PST
The new moon is a time to set new intentions and goals for the new cycle ( 4 weeks). The solar eclipse magnifies the intensity of manifesting these changes to improve your life. This powerful combination of the new moon/solar eclipse event on February 15th, will create new opportunities and ideas along with new ways in which to manifest them (for the next 6 months).   Continue reading

SuperBlueBloodMoon – January 31st, 2018

Supermoon/Blue Moon-/Blood Moon/ Total Lunar Eclipse. 

We have an incredible cosmic event occurring on January 31st at 5:37am PST. NASA calls it the SuperBlueBloodMoon. Not since March 1866, (a year after the civil war ended) has North American seen this rare event. This is not any full moon, it is a Supermoon+Blue Moon+Total Lunar Eclipse and that = POWERFUL TRANSFORMATION. 

Full Moons are a time of letting go of emotions that no longer serve us. During a Supermoon our emotions, intuitions, and sensitivities are heightened. This Supermoon calls you to release any negative emotions or fears that hold you back from experiencing new growth and opportunities. Continue reading